Microsoft says: You’ve got updates

If you’re running Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can expect a lot of security updates today, at least 10.

I’m also running Office 2013 Professional Plus. With that package in the mix you get so much more:


Yowza. That’s a lot of updates. Maybe even a record for me. (I should note this machine hadn’t been updated in a while, so it might have been getting two months’ worth of updates in one serving.)

On another machine with Windows 8 and Office 2010, I counted 16 updates.

It’s interesting to note that Office 365 Home Premium, which has almost exactly the same apps as Office 2013 Professional Plus, apparently hasn’t received this update yet. It updates itself through the Click-to-Run feature, whose options are set on the Office Account page. Currently, the version number for Office 365 Home Premium is 15.0.4454.1004, compared to 15.0.4454.1504 for the standalone version, which uses Microsoft Update.


I imagine that update will be coming along soon, and I’ll be curious to note just how the update process compares to this one.

6 thoughts on “Microsoft says: You’ve got updates

  1. It wasn’t because you weren’t updated: I was, and I still had 30 (W8 Pro and Off 2013 Pro Plus). I too don’t recall anything quite this high.

  2. W8/64 w Office 2010. Just did a clean install because of some intermittent but annoyingly unresolvable lan issues and didn’t uncheck the default silent update. So it was only when I looked in update manually that I saw how many updates it had pulled down! The good news is they all installed w/o issue.

  3. Automatic updates work great for us less that techie individuals. Now that I have Office 365, I feel even better. Did I mention Windows Defender? I like working under one “roof”.

  4. MY Office 365 reports .1004 while if click chevck update on the website it is reporting as “”the most recent Click-to-Run release is version 15.0.4454.1511
    What gives?

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