On Instagram’s Terms of Service

Just a thought, but if you have to write a blog post explaining your terms of service, maybe you should incorporate that exact same explanation into your actual terms of service.

Except that the blog post in question is not so much an explanation as a deflection.

“We do not have plans for anything like this…” is not the same as “We will not do this.”

Likewise, “it is not our intention to sell your photos…” is not the same as “We will not sell your photos.”

Words matter. When language is fuzzy like this, it’s often for a reason.

One thought on “On Instagram’s Terms of Service

  1. Instagram never really got my attention. Tried it early and didn’t see any benefit. Now I’m glad, as I watch and chuckle a bit at others who still today don’t understand that the Internet is not a privacy haven, but rather a hole to air your details. More details than you usually would like, if not careful. Hopefully the good ending to this story is some much needed laws or changes to exsisting laws to keep some of these startups in-line with expectations of the majority. I know…. keep dreaming….

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