6 thoughts on “Prying Windows XP from their cold dead fingers

  1. The article notes that Windows NT was supported for 11 years and 5 months. The writer doesn’t have the awareness to note that NT wasn’t just like XP or Vista, there were several versions of NT over several years until XP united the consumer/business sides of Windows.

  2. I’ll give you one industry that can’t do without Windows XP – Maritime Navigation. Some of the largest manufacturers of navigation equipment haven’t updated their applications that are used used to program their hardware from XP to Windows 7. Most of the interfaces used for accessing service software are still serial ports. You might suggest using windows 7 with XP Mode installed, but the killer there is Firewire. A lot marine electronic firms use firewire as their interface of choice, and as I’m sure you know, Windows XP Mode doesn’t support firewire for some reason. so yeah, there are still some very important reasons out there to continue using XP.

  3. Windows XP is the Y2K bug of OSs. So many systems are hardwired to it. One solution could be to keep it alive on a subscription basis. Microsoft can continue to push out security upgrades supported by subscription fees. It could be quite lucrative as businesses which need to keep using XP would underwrite the cost of support.

  4. Just because MS doesn’t support it doesn’t mean it can’t be used. Just not smart to use it unless it’s in a controlled environment, like the navigation equipment environment James mentioned.

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