Messenger and Skype merger FAQ

Windows Live Messenger (aka MSN Messenger) is going away, to be replaced with a similar functionality in Skype.

The Microsoft Community site (an official support forum) has a Messenger/Skype Frequently Asked Questions topic available.

I have no idea why they chose this ridiculous format. An FAQ should be on a single page, with the ability to expand collapse individual questions and answers. Instead, this format requires you to load a different page for every question.


2 thoughts on “Messenger and Skype merger FAQ

  1. I never have liked how Skype works as an app on Windows. It seemed so poorly written. They better do some major improvements if they are going this route.

  2. Agreed, Skype is one of the strangest codebases that Microsoft has ever acquired, from a purely-technical point of view.

    It’s the first Pascal codebase that Microsoft has acquired since … ever? And even though the core of Skype is written in C++, it’s still got this infamous anti-debugging obfuscation layer — something that only an Eastern European hacker would love. How did Skype ever pass Microsoft’s internal code reviews?

    It may be that Microsoft will end up rewriting all of Skype over time, and that the purchase price was paid primarily for the customer base and the usage trajectory.

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