Join me for a free Windows 8 webinar

On October 23, three days before Microsoft and its hardware partners officially release Windows 8 to the general public, I’ll be hosting a free webinar.

The event is sponsored by GoToAssist, and you can register now.

Here are the details:

Who’s Afraid of Windows 8? What to Expect from Microsoft’s New Operating System

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, represents the most radical change in personal computing in nearly two decades. Is it too much?

Join Windows expert Ed Bott as he delves into the ins and outs of Windows 8 and reveals what tricks may be in store for users and IT support.

Date: Tuesday, October 23

Time: 11 AM (PDT) / 2 PM (EDT)

Register here.

2 thoughts on “Join me for a free Windows 8 webinar

  1. Ed:

    Thanks for the heads-up! Sounds like a great idea.

    I already know I can’t make the scheduled Webinar. Will it be recorded and made available later for download or on-line viewing?

    — Tim

  2. I’m not afraid of the OS, what I’m afraid of is the time it will take folks to acclimate, both on the development and the user side. Lots of cool apps will hit soon, but how long will it take to make 80% of the apps we use work well in this new form of computing? Sure, Windows 8 will allow old software to run just fine. But, it will feel out of touch (pun not intended…) Windows 8 is a massive change, not only will it scare but also intimidate as well as alienate a few too. This man’s presentation on learning compaired to technology is a good example:

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