How did I create this blog post?

This morning on Twitter, a group of us were talking about Microsoft’s just-announced plans for Windows Live.

During the course of that conversation, several of us who are in the business of blogging started an animated conversation about how we create and publish blog posts.

So my question to you is this: What tool (or tools) did I use to create this blog post? Can you tell from what you see on this page?

15 thoughts on “How did I create this blog post?

  1. WLWManifest.xml is in the headers of the page, which is a Windows Live Writer file. Also, you talked about Windows Live Writer earlier on Twitter.

  2. Well, knowing that you’ve talked about Windows Live Writer and how you’ve used it before, I would take that as a dead giveaway, but Carl beat me to looking at the source for the page.

  3. You wrote it in Word, with a Heading 1 style for the header, then pasted it directly into WordPress.

    Since you used the H1 style, there’s no link for the header in the article.

    There are tags buried in the that I don’t understand, though. You may be using a more recent version of WordPress than I.

    1. David, the post you linked to there is dated 2005. I don’t typically go back and update old posts to cover new Windows releases.

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