Simply repeating something doesn’t make it true

Walt Mossberg, today:

Mac users have only the rare virus to contend with, while Windows users must worry about hundreds of thousands of potential attacks.

Me, earlier this week:

How many distinct strains of malware are in circulation today? If you said hundreds of thousands or millions, you’re way off.

Guess which one of us actually has facts to back up our statement?

It seems to be a chronic problem at that establishment, where facts are in perilously short supply.

6 thoughts on “Simply repeating something doesn’t make it true

  1. I’ve been using MSFT products, including its OS for years, and I have only once had to contend with a virus.

  2. Mr. Mossberg has never impressed me with his so-called “technical” abilities. He has a gift for writing, but none for computers in general IMHO.

  3. Frankly, I’m surprised Mossberg didn’t throw himself in front of a bus when Steve Jobs died. He’s the leading Apple sycophant of our time, and doesn’t even pretend to be objective.

  4. When a “journalist” has such a low reputation for credibility that it’s possible to publicly lampoon him, as was done for a few years to Walt Mossberg by the famous Walt Mosspuppet site, it kind of goes without saying that he is more of a story than anything he actually writes. It’s sad that there are so many examples of shoddy reporting in this industry and so few actual journalists.

    Happily there are a few actual people worth reading. Ed Bott clearly is in the group worth reading. Walt Mosspuppet was in that group worth reading, Walt Mossberg clearly never has been.

  5. Right on Ed, I think Mr Mossberg must be looking through rose coloured glasses and is clearly out of touch with what is going on in the tech industry today. His article has no credibility at all.

  6. I have kept various Windows machines in 8 rooms in my dental office since 1996 and have never gotten a virus.

    I saw Mossberg’s article yesterday that suggests that both Windows and Mac users hold off until at least fall on buying a new computer. Windows 8 will bring so many new form factors that it will be worth the wait. My philosophy is that I never buy a car in the first model year. I’ll hold off on Win 8 until around the SP1 period, so once again I disagree with Walt Mossberg,

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