Internet Explorer starts its own Tumblr (seriously)

This is actually brilliant:


In many ways Internet Explorer is superior to Chrome—in my experience, it depends on the relative value you place on privacy and speed, respectively. But getting the tech press or Silicon Valley crowd to take it seriously? Good luck with that.

So putting the word hate right out there is a good idea. Yes, yes, IE6 blah blah blah. A lot has happened in five years. If you don’t like Internet Explorer today, why not?

And the site positions Internet Explorer as the scrappy underdog: “Comebacks come in many shapes and sizes.”

Bonus: This is really clever and funny and not in a cringing way.

5 thoughts on “Internet Explorer starts its own Tumblr (seriously)

  1. I use IE9 daily, and have no complaints.

    I have Firefox installed as an emergency backup browser, but rarely use it.

    I’m not interested in a browser made by Big Brother Google. There is a data collection aspect to everything they do.

  2. @Johnj, you realize that IE and Firefox track your surfing too, right? SO where you surfing that needs hiding?

    I.E. 9 is my standard too. Chrome is my backup for sites that hate I.E.

  3. I use IE9 and I like it very much, but I do wish I could find out why I can’t get videos to play in several websites that I used to be able to play them in. I have no idea why they just quit working. All the settings are right – as far as I know. This is only on my desktop – laptop plays them just fine.

  4. @Bob:

    Just ran into this myself this week. Have you tried disabling ActiveX Filtering on your desktop?

    Press and release the Alt key on your keyboard.
    Tap the T key to bring down the Tools menu.
    If there’s a check mark next to ActiveX Filtering, tap the X key to toggle it off.
    Retry your problem sites.

    More here at

    Once all their servers come back on line, there should be more here too at

    — Tim

  5. @Scott: Feel free to give Google all of your personal information, so they can build a comprehensive database/profile about you, and sell it to advertisers. I’m not interested in being pimped by Google.

    IE9’s built in Tracking Protection feature does just that.

    IE9’s Suggest Sites function, which would require the collection of user information, is turned off by default.

    Google is so obsessed with collecting personal information, that they even scan the contents of Gmail e-mails for advertising purposes.

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