So, Google is buying ads on Bing to pick off Firefox users?

Remember when Google signed that agreement with Mozilla last December to pay them hundreds of millions of dollars to be the default search provider for Firefox?

That doesn’t mean that Google actually wants people to use Firefox instead of Chrome, as I discovered this morning when I typed get firefox into a Bing search box.


So, Google is buying ads on Bing to pick off Firefox users? We’re getting dangerously close to an Inception scenario here.

I also like that ad from Yahoo Downloads urging people to get the “New Mozilla Firefox 8.” Who’s going to tell them that Firefox, thanks to its fast-twitch release schedule, is now up to version 10?

Google isn’t running ads for Chrome for this search when run on It doesn’t have to, because the page itself loads a free and very insistent “ad” when you visit with a browser other than Chrome:


And as several commenters have pointed out: the ad you are likely to see at the bottom and or right side of this page is probably from Google and might even be urging you to install Chrome. Google’s keyword-based ad-serving methodology doesn’t have a very good irony filter.

3 thoughts on “So, Google is buying ads on Bing to pick off Firefox users?

  1. What do they say about the wolf and the sheep?
    In the jungle, the wolf will always eat the sheep, unless the sheep gets protection.
    But is the sheep worth protecting (not to mention that the wolf is not going to live very long either)

  2. Dear Google: I’m not running Chrome because I don’t want to run Chrome. I do know it exists and that you say it is fast. Really.

  3. Maybe interesting to add: If you go to Google and search for Chrome you will see no ads but when you make a typo (chroem) then an ad from Microsoft for Internet Explorer 9 shows up.

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