Where is the Windows 8 Consumer Preview product key?

Are you planning to test the Windows 8 Consumer Preview? Make sure you pick up a product key. Unlike Windows 7, you can’t skip this box and fill in a key later.

If you use the web installer, a key is generated and filled in automatically for you. If you download an ISO disk image and create your own installation media, on the other hand, you’ll need to type in a 25-character key.

Where do you get a Windows 8 Consumer Preview product key?

Microsoft has published two keys that anyone can use.

The ISO download page includes this public key:


The Windows 8 Consumer Preview FAQ has a different key:


If you’re eager to get started, go to this page: Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

I’ve got lots and lots of information to help you with your evaluation here:

Getting started with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (ZDNet)

11 thoughts on “Where is the Windows 8 Consumer Preview product key?

  1. I had a question for you Ed. When installing Win 8 CP there is a picture of a betta fish. The betta fish looks like a paper origami… could the be a subtle reference to the old UMPC code name origami? It seems to make sense being that Windows 8 will hopefully fulfill the original goals of origami.

    1. Mike, nice catch! I hadn’t thought of the origami angle but I think you are right. FWIW I see color blocks a la Metro in that fish.

  2. #Digant (March 7, 2012 at 11:03 pm)

    Come off it bro… Those keys work for everyone, nobody has had trouble… The problem lies with you my friend… Try hitting the right keys when you type the code in, I’m no expert but I’m guessing that may do you right… lol. If you can’t do it propperly 1st time (it really is simple), then maybe you’re just not ready for windows 8, sry bro!

  3. Ok, I can sympathise with some people above. I tried MANY product keys with no joy. And yes, I checked the sha1 hash of the iso I downloaded, which was fine. I even burned two different DVDs with it, but that didn’t help.

    Out of curiosity I downloaded the iso again today at work (yey bandwidth) and burned another disk. Hey presto, the DNJXJ… key worked. Whether there was a gremlin in my DVD writer or something changed with the iso, I have no idea. But if you have this problem try downloading and burning again, tedious as this is.

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