6 thoughts on “Cupertino’s photocopiers are hard at work

  1. Those windows on the MSE icon look strange. Almost as if it is in the process of sinking into the swamp. If it goes according to Monty Python, the next version will burn down, fall over, and sink into the swamp. Version 3.0, though, now that one will be good.

    And what’s with those sharp pointy bars on the Apple icon?

  2. Gatekeeper is basically about code signing, which Windows has had since Vista or sooner I think… Apple will overblow it as new and special to them, which it’s not.

  3. Microsoft shouldn’t do anything, wait until about a week after launch and then launch simultaneous lawsuits in every western country seeking injunctions against the sale of OS X Cougar ‘cos an icon looks vaguely similar…

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