Microsoft still dominates browser usage worldwide, Chrome growing

Based on these worldwide share numbers for the just-concluded month of December 2011, it looks like this Microsoft company continues to be successful with a web browser called Internet Explorer.


Source: Net Applications "Desktop Browser Version Market Share, December 2011"

The U.S. share numbers are a little different. In the U.S., usage of IE6 has dropped below 1%. A post on the official Exploring IE blog notes other countries where IE6 usage is under 1%: Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway, with this month’s additions of the Czech Republic, Mexico, Ukraine, Portugal, and the Philippines.

Update: this t-shirt arrived in the afternoon mail from the Internet Explorer team, which is no doubt as sick of supporting IE6 as the rest of us:

The Internet Explorer team celebrates the decline of IE6 w/ commemorative t-shirt

XP, you’re next.

74 thoughts on “Microsoft still dominates browser usage worldwide, Chrome growing

  1. I use IE9, and have no complaints. I have Firefox installed as an emergency backup browser, but rarely use it. As for Chrome, I haven’t tried it, because Google gives me the privacy creeps. There is a data collection aspect to everything that Google does.

  2. I would love to purchase one of those shirts! ie6 is the ZombieBrowser from hell!.. But yes 10 years ago it was awesome!

  3. @JohnJ

    I agree with you on the privacy thing with Google but don’t all browsers (and sites themselves) basically collect data on you? What’s Google doing that’s more extreme or worse than the others?

  4. I seriously don’t understand the “Google tracks me” hysteria. First of all, everyone tracks what you do, not just Google. (grab yer tin foil hats boys) And, why do you think you’re so special that they care what you as an individual does? They don’t. It’s crowd metrics that they are concerned with. So, in the end you are just another faceless data point. Big deal.

    I personally use I.E. 9 everywhere I can. Chrome for those few sites that are MS stupid.

  5. Haven’t used internet explorer in several years, and don’t plan on using it again anytime soon. Chrome is much faster than internet explorer, and is much better looking (aesthetically) than Firefox and IE. Not to mention you don’t have to restart the browser every time you install an extension.

    1. OK, Eric, see if you can spot the logical flaw in your statement. If you “haven’t used Internet Explorer in several years,” how do you know Chrome is faster than IE9?

      An open mind is a good thing to have.

  6. IE6 is the bane of my existence. The number of organisations that simply won’t upgrade from it is ridiculous. The number that purport to have valid reasons to keep it is also laughable: “Our application developed in 1962 doesn’t work with any other browser! We certainly couldn’t consider bringing that up to date!”

    Cool shirt, though!

  7. well. earlier on I was posting my comment using Safari, but it felt weird. So here I am on Firefox.
    Yeah I know still feels weird.
    I am a long term IE user, but due to virus, price and life and gave it up for Firefox. Now it is getting even worse.
    Privacy issues and virus attacks are not Google or Microsoft exclusives. It is an Internet Issue.
    Know your enemies, Keep your friends close and enemies closer.
    I donno .. where are we going to stop that curiosity by personal matter, specially when it is focused on other ppl business hehehe we should be more worried bout our own lives, don´t you think.. I know it is all a matter of money and power. still…
    wait isn’t it about the t-shirt? don´t worry send what ever size you have ehhehe

  8. Hi!
    I would love to get that shirt, but because I live in Belgium, I think the cost will be to high to send it over here? 😦
    One can only hope..

  9. Liked your last sentence, Ed! I feel about as familar with IE6 on XP now as I did 10 years ago with Windows for Workgroups 3.1 or Windows NT 3.1 with Progam Manager. 10 years is a long time to be running the same operating system and even longer for a browser!

  10. You’re right about XP being next, so many people I know base their entire opinion of Microsoft and Windows based on that OS, even though it’s totally out of date!

  11. Richard Hay is way too quick but I would love a flatline IE6 t-shirt if my name is drawn.

    I’m afraid, however, that it will be even more difficult to “flatline” XP than IE6 when the time comes in 2014.

  12. I’d love a shirt as well, well to be honest would be great to have lots to give out to all our devs that finally got to migrate our enterprise apps to a newer browser. 🙂

    Great idea Microsoft IE team!

  13. Am I the only one amazed at Opera’s dominance after their huge anti-trust win a couple years ago? Time well spent.

    That shirt is awesome. Death to IE6.

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