Me and my working dogs

We had a delightful photo session yesterday at our house. The business necessity was to come up with a head shot I can use in press releases, social media sites, and other places. But we couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring the dogs into the picture. Here’s the result:

Photographer Corinna See deserves credit for her patience and skill in getting Mackie (left) and Lucy (right) to actually sit still and look at the camera long enough to get this great shot.

The session was fun and the results were even better than we hoped for.

If you’re in the Santa Fe area, I recommend Corinna’s work enthusiastically.

Bonus close-ups of Mackie and Lucy:

4 thoughts on “Me and my working dogs

  1. Very nice photos.

    My Shetland Sheepdog recently died. He was, for fifteen years, my beloved soul mate, and a long list of other imporant things, and I miss him beyond words.

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