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  1. I have spoken to many CTO’s and IT managers Windows 8 is DOA to them. The have no plans to put any effort into reviewing Windows 8. The Massive change to the UI design that has existed since Windows 95 troubles them. The investment in retraining staff alone makes windows 8 a no go. If Microsoft does not include a legacy UI in windows 8 Business sales on windows 8 will be under 10%. My investment in windows stock has been sold because of the windows 8 misstep.

  2. My understanding is that Windows 8 is targeted for gadgets and small devices as opposed to the Server/Desktop market.

  3. I think there is confusion on the Windows 8 interface. From what I read, the “Metro” interface is not a requirement, but rather a platform dependant selection. Windows 8 desktop will still retain much of the old GUI, and add to if making it much better too, and be solely GUI based if the user desires. Can anyone add to that statement or at least verify it?

  4. just because one particular feature or function is only used by 15% of the userbase doesn’t make it bad, nor does changing it simply to be adopted by 25% mean it is now good. Striving for “improvement” is a noble achievement, but dumbing-it-down to a 5th grade level might not be the answer. When it comes to GUIs, Apple design methodologies seem to make a bit more sense than Designing-by-Committee with backend engineers at Microsoft.

  5. @ David

    It’s a DP at present, so it’s pretty premature for enterprises to make that decision. It’s also fairly ignorant since the product will seeming be able to function in desktop mode almost exclusively for those who want to do that. At worst, they’ll see a new start menu, and even that’s not for sure yet. Most CTO’s and IT managers should understand that. And of course, I can’t recall a version enterprises ever said they were going to wholeheartedly adopt.

    As far as selling your Windows stock, which I assume you mean MSFT, that’s never a bad decision given it’s now decade+ record of under performance.

  6. There are many reasons why the “touch-first”, “Metro-style” interface is a very wrong choice for an OS intended for desktop usage. A touch-first design necessitates a certain spacing of information, thus seriously reducing the amount of information that can be shown on a desktop. I also find the tiles a very wrong paradigm for the desktop. They are useful in small displays, but they look dated and awkward in large ones. In fact, they are very reminiscent of very old front ends for Windows and MS-DOS. It is ridiculous to return to the past. Since I use Windows mostly on desktops and laptops with large screens, my interest in Win8 is about nil. I am sure that I can stick with Win7 until Win9 appears, which would happen with Balmer and the current sorry crowd have been expelled for sheer stupidity.

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