Windows 7 Inside Out, Deluxe Edition, is at the printer

Windows 7 Inside Out Deluxe Edition is at the printer now and will be available for sale soon. You can see the chapter-level outline and read the introduction here. A sample:


By some measures, Windows 7 sets a new standard for usability. It needs less out-of-the-box tweaking and troubleshooting than any Windows version we’ve ever used. The arrangement of folders and fi les in Windows Explorer, basic system security, User Account Control settings, and numerous other default configuration options are well thought out. Adding a new hardware device typically requires nothing more than just plugging it in, and setting up a network no longer entails invoking supernatural help.

Despite all that—or perhaps because of it—we have plenty of good stuff to share with you in this edition of Windows 7 Inside Out. The good news: we don’t need to spend a lot of ink on Windows 7 features that work as expected. That allows us to concentrate on the many capabilities and features that are buried just beneath the surface. We cover the handful of essential tasks—backing up your computer, for example—that aren’t configured automatically. We’ve also brought together countless shortcuts, tips, and tricks to help you perform tasks more quickly and with less aggravation.

This Deluxe Edition adds several chapters not included in the original edition, giving us the space to dive deeper into media applications, networking, scripting, and deployment of Windows throughout a small organization. Perhaps more important, spread throughout this edition are additional tips and explanations based on many, many hours of poking, probing, and studying Windows 7 in the two years since its release. This book also covers the latest changes to the operating system, notably Service Pack 1, as well as a new version of Internet Explorer and an impressively updated collection of programs in Windows Live Essentials 2011.

You can preorder the book from now:

Microsoft Press, through its distribution agreement with O’Reilly, has made this title available in five DRM-free e-book formats. That means you can buy the e-book once and read it on any compatible device or a reader program on your PC. It’s available in the native Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Sony Reader formats, as well as PDF. All formats are unprotected, so you can search, copy, paste, and print as needed. (For the full scoop on how these DRM-free ebook formats, work, see this detailed page. You can also read my earlier post, Microsoft Press dives deep into the DRM-free e-book business.)

All five e-book formats are available free with the print edition. To pre-order the electronic edition only, go to this page at (Hint: It’s cheaper to order the print edition from Amazon and then download the e-book.)

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    1. It should be available just about anywhere books are sold, including via (for which I include a link). You can get the ASIN number from the Amazon listing and then search for it elsewhere.

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