Pictures in the cloud

I recently canceled my Dropbox account (this ZDNet post explains, in detail, why). All my file-synchronization tasks are now run by Windows Live SkyDrive.

I’m also evaluating some other cloud-based services, including and SugarSync, where I’ve had accounts, mostly unused, for years.

When I revisited the account, I had to blow the virtual dust off the place, which hadn’t been visited since 2009. But my files from 2004 and 2005 were intact, including a folder full of photos from our vacation in Tuscany in 2003. I remember carefully selecting, cropping, and tagging those photos, which really bring back some pleasant memories.

With the help of a very cool third-party tool called Gladinet Cloud Desktop, I added the SkyDrive and accounts to a mapped Z: drive. Then I used Windows Live Photo Gallery to upload those photos to SkyDrive, and finally used Windows Live Writer to turn the collection into a photo album and embed it in this post with no more than a couple of clicks:

That description sounds more complicated than the actual sequence of tasks was. In fact, the whole operation probably took no more than 2 minutes.

I’ll do a more detailed walk-through later. If you have favorite ways to accomplish similar tasks, tell me about it in the comments.

PS: It wouldn’t surprise me if someone wants to turn this into a Windows theme. Feel free to do so and include a link to this post if you can. Update: It only took Rod Davis 10 minutes to respond to the challenge. Winking smile Get the theme here. And thanks, Rod!

3 thoughts on “Pictures in the cloud

  1. Ed, while I use Carbonite to backup my photos to the cloud I haven’t found a service that has enough free storage space to make all my memories easily accessible. 25GB on SkyDrive isn’t nearly large enough for all of the photos I’ve taken in the last 12 years or so. I could use Photobucket but then I have no privacy rights.

    I really wish Microsoft would increase the amount of space available soon, as I use all the other Microsoft and Live Essential products and services and would like to unify my photo storage with their services. In the meantime I’ll keep a lookout on for any hint that storage will be increasing.

  2. I did some digging in my files and discovered that WLPG and the prior Live Photo programs have been importing my videos into my photos folder. Thus I have PLENTY of space on SkyDrive afterall! I’d still like Microsoft to future proof SkyDrive with more space, however I’m now excited about the possibilities that SkyDrive integrated with my other Live services offers me when it comes to my photos.

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