“Find me stuff I’m interested in”

Fascinating post by Dave Winer, describing how he uses his information flow, and more importantly how he would like to see it used:

I have a feed of things I link to, which then flows to River2 subscribers, and through TwitterFeed, to people who follow me on Twitter. Every one of those links is potentially telling my news system that this is something I’m interested in. 

When I push a link out not only am I sharing the link with people who follow me, and bookmarking it for future reference — I could also be informing a news engine of my interests. So then what comes back to me, on my River page, are news items that relate to the things I’m interested in. 

I have a similar philosophy toward Twitter, which has largely replaced RSS as an information source for me in recent years.

One thought on ““Find me stuff I’m interested in”

  1. I agree. Although I still have an RSS feed (which is how I picked up this post), I find that Twitter generally provides me the information I’m interested in faster. Plus, Twitter provides the option to interact not only with the author but also with others interested in the same topic.

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