Last call for the Windows 7 Family Pack

If you’re thinking of picking up a heavily discounted three-pack of Windows 7 Home Premium, don’t delay. According to the product listing at, sales of this product will end on New Year’s Eve.

Microsoft offered this exact same package as a limited-time offer in 2009. Here’s what I wrote about it at the time at ZDNet:

If you have two or more PCs in your home and you want to upgrade them to Windows 7, this deal is for you. This package is only available in a physical box and (according to Microsoft) only for a limited time. It includes two DVDs: one copy each of the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade installation media. You get a single product key that can be activated on up to three different PCs.


The license says you can install Family Pack upgrades on up to three PCs in the same household, for use by residents of that household. When I asked Microsoft whether it was OK to use this license in a home business, I was told, officially, “There is no restriction around use of a license for business purposes conducted within the home,” although naturally they recommended Windows 7 Professional for those situations.

Nothing in the license prevents you from mixing and matching the 32-bit and 64-bit versions on up to three PCs in your household. But no, you can’t share licenses with your neighbor or your cousin in Peoria.

The list price of this  package is $150, but you can buy it now at for an even more deeply discounted $125: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack (3-User)alt. If you use all three licenses, that’s an average cost of roughly $42 each, well below the regular upgrade cost of $120. Even if you only use two of the three licenses, it’s still a substantial savings.

9 thoughts on “Last call for the Windows 7 Family Pack

  1. Buy direct from Microsoft and get a free Cisco wireless router and free UPS shipping for $149 + tax.

    1. Well, it’s not really free. You pay $25 more at the Microsoft Store than at (where shipping is also free), so the router actually costs $25. If you need a wireless access point, that might be a good deal. I haven’t used this model, so can’t pass judgment on whether it’s a good buy.

  2. Ed, Can the product key be used to activate a privious installed Home Premium or is the key tied to the Family pack disk?

  3. Ed
    Amazon is the only site which seems to imply this – indeed seems to imply that it’s just the Sale offer reduction that expires at year-end. makes no mention, and I can’t find anything on
    I’m sure you have contacts within MS that will know the truth – so pleas check it out.

    1. Microsoft simply says it’s a “limited time offer.” When they did this last year, the product disappeared just a few weeks after it went on sale, so this year’s offer is considerably longer-lasting…

  4. Ed here in Australia the best price we can get on this deal is AUD$237 and our dollar is at parity with the US dollar right now. Unfortunately we always have to pay more and thats a pity because I think this is a good deal and will probably pick one up anyway.

  5. Hey Ed, I currently have the 32 bit Windows 7 version but would like to upgrade to the 64 bit version. Since this special is past the time limit of purchase, what options do you think I have to upgrade my current OS. BTW: My mobo is 64 bit capable/ready

    Thanks in advancxe . . .

    1. The last time I checked at Amazon (last night) there was still stock. This offer is still listed as “limited-time” and based on Microsoft’s history it will end soon. But for now at least this is still available.

      Having said that, you don’t need to pay extra to upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit. Your existing product key will work, as long as you can find 64-bit media.

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