Some clues for the IE9 launch

Microsoft has already sent out invitations to the press for a San Francisco event celebrating the beta release of IE9. (Alas, I’ll be getting ready to leave on vacation, so I’ll have to miss the live event.)

If you’re interested in being among the first to try out the full IE9, you’ll need your own invite, which you can get here:

That takes you to a teaser page that includes the new IE9 logo and spells out the launch date:


Click that link in the lower left corner to add a reminder to your calendar and you’ll see the time neatly translated to your local time zone from the event’s 11:00AM Pacific Daylight Time start.

So far, with the exception of a single leaked screenshot, Microsoft has managed to keep the new browser’s interface a tightly guarded secret. Think they can maintain that level of secrecy for another eight days?

6 thoughts on “Some clues for the IE9 launch

  1. I’m not impressed. I’ve always hated MS’s tendency to hide features and settings. (long story…) I liked Office 2007’s ribbon as it seems to unhide a lot of things. I.E. has missed out on a lot of this hiding so far, but if the leaked screen shot is any indication, I.E. is heading in the WRONG direction. The world still hasn’t even got up to speed with I.E. 8, so what are they trying to mess up now?

  2. Wow, this is horrible. No XP support, and they’re just going to leave us with IE8 and not even revise it? Web graphics with .png doesn’t show up, flash runs pretty bad on it, and a certain website hangs (Only in IE too) when I try to open a page. I cannot believe this.

  3. I wish Microsoft would worry more about connecting the dots to have a connected home experience than messing around with a non-extensible browser.

    I should be able to control devices (lamps, thermostats, etc) in my house, select TV programming, and listen to landline voicemails from my phone. My phone should act as a Wii-like controller on an XBox360. I should be able to take DRM’d RecordedTV with me on my phone. I should be able to send notifications from my phone to my TV for later reminders. I should be able to have an extensible experience with Facebook friends while watching a hit TV show. I should be able to click a button on my remote to view complete, updated stats on a transparent overlay while watching the game. I should be able to watch the game on many rooms in my house, synchronized, and I should be able to stream music from ZunePass to any TV/Stereo in the house. I should be able to share DRM’d Recorded TV with someone else’s system so long as they had the rights to record it when the show as originally aired. I should be able to tag Recorded TV just like I do Photos so that shows and movies show up in Video albums.

    THAT is what I want, Microsoft!

  4. I think they are giving XP users a subtle hint. Time to upgrade to a more modern version of windows. I really don’t like the logo much, but will grab the beta and check it out.

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