OneNote addicts, get this Clip to OneNote add-on for Firefox

Over the past five years, OneNote has become one of the most important software tools I own. I use it for interview notes, travel details, serial numbers, product keys, and operating instructions for just about everything around my home and office. In fact, the Send To OneNote button is high on the list of reasons I prefer Internet Explorer to the competition.

In preparation for IE9’s arrival on September 15, I’m spending more time in other browsers. Today I was checking to make sure I had the latest version of Firefox and, out of habit, I checked the Mozilla add-ons site to see if there was anything new for OneNote. I was pleasantly surprised to find this extension, updated just two days ago:

Clip to OneNote :: Add-ons for Firefox

Send text, pictures to Microsoft Office OneNote with a single click.

In very limited testing, I’ve found it works fine with OneNote 2010. It’s not as full-featured as the IE version. Instead of being able to choose a notebook and section, your snippet or the current page is added as a page in the Unfiled Notes section. That adds an extra step to the workflow, going through the Unfiled Notes section and either moving pages to the proper section or trashing them. It looks like that feature is on developer madharasan‘s "what’s next" list, which promises "more versatile access of pages and sections inside OneNote."

Unfortunately, no one has written a OneNote extension for Google Chrome yet. That’s surprising—I would think the user base for that combo would be pretty strong. Anyone out there working on one?

3 thoughts on “OneNote addicts, get this Clip to OneNote add-on for Firefox

  1. Due to fortunate circumstances, I was able to directly peruse the many surprising and impressive functions of OneNote. I use it now, daily. It’s a very sophisticated and useful software program. Microsoft deserves kudos.
    By the way, readers may wish to check out ActiveSync, now available for many devices.

  2. Seems a lot of extentions are missing from Chrome. I think it’s due to the simplistic nature of Chrome, not too many developers want to mess it up.

  3. That’s just what I was looking for. I’m a huge fan of OneNote. As I work towards my long-term goal of being a paperless journalist I’ve been converting my digital life to the OneNote format – being able to clip directly from Firefox will help.

    Now, what I’d really like is something to integrate my Livescribe smartpen with OneNote – that would really make my day.

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