Counting down to Office 2010 Inside Out

Did I mention that Carl Siechert and I have finally finished Office 2010 Inside Out? It’s true! We finished principal writing on July 12, and since then we’ve been going through the editing process, with some some extensive rewriting in a few places (especially the chapters about Office Web Apps, which changed pretty dramatically between March and July). We’ve read every page of the final proofs, and it’s now in the hands of our crack production team who’ll ship it off to the printer in time to hit what I am told is a September 20 on-sale date.

The book will be just under 1000 pages, and you can pre-order it at Amazon today for $34.64 (price guaranteed not to go up, but can go down). Or, if you prefer a digital format, you can wait till next month and get a DRM-free copy in any or all of four different e-book formats. That should be in advance of the on-sale date for print editions. I’ll post a notice here as soon as I have one in my hands (or on my screen).

One thought on “Counting down to Office 2010 Inside Out

  1. I’m sure it will be a great book, as your others have been. And a digital edition on my iPad is gonna be fantastic!

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