Is Ceton’s CableCARD tuner finally on its way to customers?

Man, it’s been a long, long road for Ceton. Their four-tuner CableCARD-compatible device was announced in November 2007. Now, nearly three years later, it’s still not on the market. But it’s getting closer. The last word I heard, from the company itself and from knowledgeable outside sources, was that the cards would be shipping by the end of June. But that date came and went, and yesterday a post by a Ceton rep at The Green Button announced that the InfiniTV 4 tuners are finally in production and maybe, just maybe, they’ll get here by the end of this month:

We want to pass along some good news and let you know that the Ceton InfiniTV 4 quad-tuner cards are now in production! Ceton personnel are currently overseas supervising the final assembly and testing process. We’re sorry for the unexpected delays but many other companies were hit with parts shortages as we were, including Apple for the release of iPad and iPhone 4. Delivery of units will begin as soon as final testing and shipment from overseas have been completed. We’ll update you shortly as soon as we can confirm an actual delivery date.

I placed my order a while back and was hoping to have it in time for the season debut of Mad Men on July 25. Looks like there’s an outside chance that will happen.

Meanwhile, I’m baffled why Ceton doesn’t post stuff like this on its web site or through its Twitter account.

4 thoughts on “Is Ceton’s CableCARD tuner finally on its way to customers?

  1. I’m not going to get antsy for 5 more weeks, when football season starts rolling around. (I swear I think that ESPN,2,U-HD are the only reasons I need this whole CableCARD setup anyway.)

  2. I’m really not sure how you can turn that posting by them into another delay. There post said they were finishing up production. What part of their post would indicate another delay?

    1. Josh, the last post they had on the subject said they would ship by end of June. I was told my product could be here before July 4th. That was a delay already from the May 31 promised release date. So this is yet another delay. [Updated to add: I’ve changed the headline to eliminate amy possible confusion. Thanks.]

  3. Ed, I never saw anything from Ceton saying the end of June. It certainly wasn’t in a newsletter from them. Do you have a link to their posting saying the end of June?

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