Ceton’s quad cable tuner: wait just a little longer

This hit my mailbox earlier this week but I’m just getting around to passing it along.

Ceton Corporation’s eagerly awaited quad digital cable tuner technology is delayed. The new date for retail availability is now May 31 (two months later than the previously announced date of March 31.

If you want to get one of the first units from the first production run, you can pre-order the  InfiniTV 4 now from any of the following retail outlets:


According to Ceton, all three outlets will require a valid credit card to place the order, although the card will not be charged until units ship on May 31. Don’t expect any discounts from the full retail price of $399 (plus shipping and taxes).

I’m curious from looking at this unit whether it will work in a low profile chassis. I’m also awaiting the first reviews. Has anyone actually gotten their hands on one yet?

2 thoughts on “Ceton’s quad cable tuner: wait just a little longer

  1. You asked about whether this will work in a low profile chassis. I don’t have it (yet), but this is what the main page of their website says:

    “The Ceton InfiniTV 4 is available in the PCI Express Low Profile form factor, making it an ideal solution for use in slim entertainment PCs as well as full-height desktops and towers.”

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