Who’s looking for a Tablet/multi-touch PC?

Update: Thanks for all the inquiries, folks. This one is sold!

I’ve got a Dell Latitude XT, purchased in November 2008 that’s looking for a home.


Very thin, very light (3.5 pounds). Convertible form factor, with 12-inch 1280×800 screen. Core 2 Duo 1330 CPU, 3GB RAM, 80GB hard drive, Windows 7 Professional, all the latest drivers, very lightly used (I’ve replaced with a Latitude XT2). Under warranty until November 2011.

Pictures and specs are available the Dell Outlet site here. Similar configurations sell as refurbs at Dell Outlet for $850+.

 My price for this unit is $680, including shipping (US only).

If you’re interested, leave a comment below, including your real e-mail address (it won’t be published), or use my Contact form.

2 thoughts on “Who’s looking for a Tablet/multi-touch PC?

  1. I want to replace my HP tc4200 so bad, but I can’t justify the cost right now. If you don’t sell it and are willing to drop the price a little, let me know.

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