Microsoft re-releases update MS10-015

Remember last month when some Windows customers complained that their systems were crashing after installing a round of patches from Windows Update? It turned out the problem wasn’t the MS10-015 update after all. Instead, the systems were infected with a nasty piece of malware that was actually the root cause of the crashes.

Now, roughly three weeks after the initial reports first appeared, the problem has been resolved and Microsoft has re-released the update:

[W]e have revised the installation packages for MS10-015 with new logic that prevents the security update from being installed on systems if certain abnormal conditions exist. Such conditions could be the result of an infection with a computer virus such as the Alureon rootkit. If these conditions are detected, the update will not be installed and the result will be a standard Windows Update error.

Microsoft has also released a standalone scanning tool that you can use to check any system for the presence of malware that will cause this specific problem. I ran the FixIt utility on a test system here and got a clean bill of health:


If you previously hid this update because you were concerned that it might affect your system, you can consider this an all-clear.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft re-releases update MS10-015

  1. Well, one of those users I was.
    I thought it will take some minutes to update but sistem crashed and killed lots of time. Wasted time because of MS! I am angry!

    1. Hmmm. You had a nasty piece of malware on your machine. It caused your machine to crash. Microsoft fixed the code so it actually removes the malware first before installing.

      And you blame Microsoft? I don’t get it.

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