The best deal on Windows 7 Inside Out: $20 in ebook format

If you’ve been looking for a copy of Windows 7 Inside Out, here’s a great deal. To celebrate the new partnership between O’Reilly and Microsoft Press, O’Reilly is selling Microsoft Press books direct from its web site at up to 50% off. Use the discount code MSINT in your shopping cart to get the savings.

The best part is that O’Reilly offers the option to purchase e-books in addition to those heavy dead-tree versions. So you can get Windows 7 Inside Out in either edition: the printed version, which includes a PDF copy on the included CD, for 40% off the normal price of $49.99; or a DRM-free ebook (in any or all of the Android, Mobi, PDF, and ePub formats, suitable for use on Kindle, iPhone, and other e-reader platforms) for half off the normal price of $39.99.


If you want more information about how the ebook formats work, see the explanation here.

Remember to use the discount code MSINT at checkout. This offer is good for the rest of this year and expires on January 1, 2010, so don’t wait too long…

One thought on “The best deal on Windows 7 Inside Out: $20 in ebook format

  1. No matter which version that you choose to purchase, this book is a treasure trove of information, written in plain but coherent jargon that anyone can understand. It has become my Windows 7 bible!

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