Windows 7 information for IT pros

If you’re an IT professional considering a move to Windows 7, I recommend a visit to IT Expert Voice:

IT Expert Voice is a resource for IT professionals who are concerned primarily with making technology work in their organizations, and in particular with deploying Windows 7 in a sane and trouble-free manner. The site, which is sponsored by Dell, aims to provide credible and useful information that helps you make good decisions. Our underlying assumption is that you are seriously considering a migration to Windows 7; we’re here to help you learn what you need to know for it to happen flawlessly.

Editor in Chief Esther Schindler has assembled an excellent and diverse lineup of contributors, including yours truly, My first contribution to the site is a look at a new Windows 7 tool designed to make it easier for nontechnical users and help-desk staffers to communicate with one another: Using the Problem Steps Recorder to Diagnose Problems Remotely. Go read my post and take a look around. There’s lots of great stuff there for anyone interested in Windows 7 at the enterprise level.

Full disclosure: As noted above, IT Expert Voice is sponsored by Dell in partnership with Federated Media, which provides advertising support for this site.

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