Catch my Windows 7 screencasts

One of the problems with writing about Windows 7 is trying to describe a feature in a way that actually helps readers understand how it works and how they can use it. Screen shots help, but they can’t capture nuance.

That’s why I was happy to spend a couple days in ZDNet’s San Francisco studios a couple weeks ago putting together four short screencasts that show some of the signature features of Windows 7 in action. It really helps to have some talented post-production help and a professional-grade recording studio to get the job done.

You can see the first two installments in my Windows 7 In Action series here:

A smarter way to manage windows

Get more done with the taskbar and Jump Lists

7 thoughts on “Catch my Windows 7 screencasts

  1. I just finished reading this same procedure in your book, before I viewed the screen shot on the web. I like the shortcuts (win-logo + 1, etc.). Kudos to you; your new book is thorough and well written!

  2. Hello Ed

    Same As you, i’ve been using Windows 7 since last Beta and RC and Now RTM

    I love a lot of features and now I just learned a new tricks specially with Aero Snap and other Candy Eyes lol

    I’ll see If I can get a copy of your book… do you know If Microsoft Press will translate the book to spanish? (so I can give a copy to my parents who just got a laptop and I’m planning to install Win7 on it) 🙂

  3. Thanks, Johan! I’m confident there will be a Spanish language version but have no idea on the timing. In many cases those deals are done through licensees in other countries, so they get to buy the rights and set the schedule. If I hear more, I’ll post something here.

    And thanks for the kind words, Bill.

  4. Very helpful videos! I trust you have more coming. It is not clear to me in your book about the backup options. I understand routine backup of files. If one selects the image backup, are the subsequent incremental backups an image also? I use Acronis now and if I understand it correctly, it is a continuing image backup. I must say that I have no idea about how to do a restore.

  5. Hi Ed

    I enjoyed your Windows 7 screencasts and look forward to the next ones. I agree these are a (more interactive) better way to convey how specific features work in Windows 7 rather than just screenshots. Well done!!!!!!!!

  6. Hello Ed

    I belive that I just found one Oportunity Area for the Windows 7 Dev Team on the Aero Snap Feature.

    Look at this Scenario
    You have 2 Monitors (or More); Main on the Left and Secondary on the Right.
    and you want to snap 2 windows in the same monitor (main for Example),
    one at the left and one on the right side (of the same monitor)…. Try it…

    You can Snap 1 window on the left side, but you cant’t on the Right Side, It moves to the Other Monitor until it finds another Edge?

    Try it and if you feel that it something they left behind, maybe they want to add it to on the next SP for Win7 or maybe for the Next Win OS.

    If you know this is by design,, well, Poor Me, LOL!!!!

    I read almost all of your blog posts… You’re an awesome writer!!

    Regards from Costa Rica
    Johan R.

  7. John, use the keyboard shortcuts Windows logo key+ Left/right arrow. That allows you to snap a window to the right side of the left monitor or the left side of the right monitor. I have yet to find a way to do it with the mouse, but this works!

    PS: Thanks for the kind words. Judy and I are hoping to come to Costa Rica in the next year or two. It looks like an amazing place…

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