Happy talk about Windows 7

I really like this recent ad for Windows 7, featuring little Kylie, who starred in another successful ad earlier this year.

The snippet shown here is a quote from a review I wrote at ZDNet last May. Judging by the way Kylie stumbles over the word responsive, I need to work on my vocabulary if I expect to capture the all-important five-year-old demographic:

Good News - Windows 7 ad on YouTube

Go ahead, John Hodgman. Let’s see you pick on a five-year-old.

9 thoughts on “Happy talk about Windows 7

  1. Shouldn’t that be “-Ed Bott” not “-ZDNet”… or at least “-Ed Bott of ZDNet”…. J/K, just lookin’ out for you, Ed 😉

    Completely off topic question. What does the ZD in ZDNet stand for?

  2. ZD stands for Ziff-Davis

    I also really like this ad. Saw it on the web last week, and on TV last night.

  3. Speaking as someone who runs Vista and likes Windows 7, I do not care for the Window 7 commercial. It’s awful.

  4. I don’t like ads in general, but hey they have to do something I guess… This is definitely a step up from the mind numbing Seinfeld ads, and the “me too” – “I’m a PC” ads.

  5. I don’t think this is a suitable general interest commercial. To me, it seems as if the ad agency has misinterpreted “simple” to mean “simpleton.”

    Seriously, I’d rather see some eye candy than hear about “happy words” and see quotes buried in fluffy photos.

  6. I liked the ad. It was cute and different. It certainly caught my attention, which is the idea. I’m at a point that I tune out Laptop Hunter because, while it was interesting at the time its old now. And Mac v PC because its arrogant, inaccurate and now like 3 years old.

    My vote is you can’t lose with a precocious little girl, cute animals and a quote from Ed Bott.

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