A Windows 7 Inside Out update

I just visited Amazon.com and got a nice surprise. The arrival date for Windows 7 Inside Out had moved up from September 30 to September 23. That’s tomorrow.

If you’ve pre-ordered a copy, leave a comment here and let me know when you receive it. Carl, Craig, and I are all interested in your feedback!

14 thoughts on “A Windows 7 Inside Out update

  1. Just looked at Amazon and it stills says “This item not yet released” with no date.

    I have preordered it and will let you know when I receive it.

  2. I placed my pre-order on June 5th with Amazon and have an estimated ship date of Oct. 2nd.

    I will post again when it does ship.

  3. I was all set to get on the band wagon because I’m still XP farbehind. However, a friend reminded me, and what I really want to know is, how many printers, software, whatever am I going to have a major surprise over losing access to and have to replace. I always forget these upgrades are never just about buying the disc and loading it. I’m thinking it best to wait til the death of my current hardware and buy new and prinstaled and really start over. Am I too pessimistic?

  4. @David Gray: That is a generic upgrade question, and nothing at all to do with Windows 7. I hope you are buying a copy of Ed’s book, it sounds like you might need it.

  5. Dear Ed,

    I think that a book like this that has 1000+ pages should be Hardcover and not Paperback.

    I remember that my Inside Out copy of Windows XP was torn into pieces after a few months’ use.

  6. Amazon is showing your book as “In Stock” today. I still have a ship date of Oct. 2nd.

    Good luck to you and your co-authors with the Win7 edition.

  7. Hello from Amazon.com.

    We are writing about the order you placed on July 10 2009 (Order# 002-9567404-2319428). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected:

    Ed Bott “Windows 7 Inside Out”
    Previous estimated arrival date: October 14 2009
    New estimated arrival date: October 08 2009

  8. We placed the order yesterday 29 Sep.

    Got this from Amazon today:

    Estimated arrival date: October 07 2009

  9. E Mail update yesterday says it will ship arrive on October 6 rather than previous October 9 date. YEA!!

  10. I received notification from Amazon that they shipped my order today. I should receive ‘Inside Out’ at least by Oct 7…

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