Some light reading for the holiday weekend

Today’s Wondermark comic from David Malki is priceless, one for the ages. If you’ve ever known an engineer, make him (or her, I suppose, but far more often him) read this:

Let me do this.

I’m back, only slightly jet-lagged, wonderfully relaxed, and ready to write an insane amount of non-book-related material between now and approximately October 22.

Today’s the start of the Labor Day Holiday here in the U.S. See you next week.

Oh, and if you don’t visit Wondermark regularly, you’re missing out.

3 thoughts on “Some light reading for the holiday weekend

  1. Ed, Wondermark comic is a great site, which everyone should visit. I am most pleased with the nostalgic but elequent writings by the many literary muses of those bygone days. My thanks to you.

  2. Ed:

    If you sign up for the newsletter, you never miss out! (Or at least I sure hope so. Must go compare and contrast again.)

    One exception, though: I can’t figure out how to get Thunderbird to show the alt/title text for the images that arrive via e-mail. Supposedly it just works. Not sure how I’ve managed to disable that…

    So I still hit the site occasionally to see what I’m missing. So far, that’s been all.

    — Tim

  3. But the engineer makes perfect sense in spending the extra time on this decision. Trips in the future will be decided on the decisions he makes today. Thus, the cumulative gain in time on future trips to those locations plus the critical thinking abstract gain makes up for the loss of time in initial planning. 🙂

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