Windows 7 available for download now

If you’re an MSDN or TechNet subscriber, you can now download the official Windows 7 RTM bits. You can also get up to 10 product keys for each version covered under your subscription. That means 10 keys each for Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate, as well as options for additional keys for Starter, Home Basic, and Enterprise editions. You can use each key with x86 or x64 editions (but not both). Of course, you’ll need to check your subscription agreement to see what uses are permitted for these copies.

MSDN subscribers will get the fastest download speeds from the Top Downloads page, which uses the Akamai downloader.

The downloads for Windows Server 2008 R2 will be available on August 14.

If you’re a Microsoft Action Pack subscriber, you’ll get access to the final bits on August 14.

Wondering about supported upgrade paths? See my chart over at ZDNet.

9 thoughts on “Windows 7 available for download now

  1. In regards to the tip regarding faster downloads from the Top Downloads page for MSDN subscribers, the same goes for TechNet. Used the “normal” download there, which initiated the Microsoft File Transfer Manager, and it was SLOW. Started it around 1900 LT yesterday, only to find that it was at 70% this morning. Went to the Top Downloads page, used the Akamai downloader and had the x64 Ultimate ISO package in 35 minutes. Wish I only had tried that yesterday.

  2. Looks pretty much the same as RC1, which we’ve come to know and love.

    I surely was impressed with the alternate download site! A half hour with them vs. eight hours with the regular TechNet site!!

    And Ed: Perhaps some tips for us solid state hard drive users, now that Windows 7 is more SSD “aware”? (but I still had to manually disable Prefetch, Superfetch & Defrag)

  3. C-Net says that this version of Windows…

    “finally places it on competitive footing with other major operating systems like OS X and Linux” and shows that “Microsoft can still turn out a strong, useful operating system”

  4. Just as an added note, the release version on one of my machines worked better than the RC1 release. Specifically, some sound device issues cleared up. Both cases I used Windows 7 built in drivers for this device. So, something did change between RC and Release, at least in this instance with this hardware.

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