Microsoft Office 2010 about to kick off?

Several people have pointed out to me that the Microsoft Office team launched a new blog today covering Office 2010 for IT professionals. The first post isn’t exactly substantive, and the whole thing feels like someone realized at the last minute, “Oh crap, Tech-Ed kicks off today and we need a blog!”

That would explain this gaffe:


I’m sure the typo will be fixed soon enough, but this seemed worth capturing for posterity. Hopefully everything gets a little smoother from here on out.

10 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2010 about to kick off?

  1. The “Micorosft” is a tiny automobile being developed in a Balkan country for export to the US. They plan to sue Microsoft over the name…

    pronounced, “mee-kro-ssstt”

  2. Ed,

    No offense, but there have been a number of times when I have wondered if you and other bloggers at ZDNet ever bother to proof-read your articles. So this is a bit of the “kettle calling the pot black” in my opinion.

    1. No offense taken, but a quick reply:
      First, I’m not respnsible for the work of other ZDNet bloggers. We’re all independent contractors and have completely different skill sets. I proofread my own posts and often make typos. I fix them when they’re called to my attention. To the best of my knowledge, I have never spelled my name wrong in the header of my blog, which would be the equivalent of what I point out here.
      Second, yes, everyone makes typos. Normally it’s not news and not much of a subject for discussion. Except in this case it’s in the title of a blog introducing a highly anticipated new product. The point of this post is not about the typo but rather about how it suggests the seemingly hurried way this blog was thrown together.

  3. 3:24 am and 5:48 am and a reply back at 6:14 am??

    Wow that new Ed Bott tool bar really does work!!!
    Mine has lleps chech on it two.

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