A sneak preview of my Windows 7 gallery

Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I just finished the screenshot gallery for my Windows 7 review at ZDNet. I’m still working on the review, which will be done late tonight, but the gallery is available for viewing now. Check it out:

What to look for in Windows 7


I’m pretty picky about the screenshot galleries I do. On a big project like this, I probably spend 80% of my time setting up all the shots just so, and then cropping and annotating them. By the time I’m done with the gallery, writing the story that goes with it is a lot easier.

My goal is not just to take a snapshot but to tell a story with each screen and its brief caption. I hope you like it.

Update: My review is now complete as well:

What to expect from Windows 7

One thought on “A sneak preview of my Windows 7 gallery

  1. Looks very much like Vista… there are differences here and there, but overall Windows 7 certainly has a very strong Vista look…

    I promise I won’t tell a soul about this 🙂

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