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I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating. You can follow me on Twitter and keep up with all sorts of things that will be of interest to anyone who finds this blog interesting. Think of Twitter as a “microblog,” with lots of ideas and links that I would never take the time to post here.

You’ll find me on Twitter at

6 thoughts on “Follow me on Twitter

  1. Already got ya! (@cfischer83). You definitely post some some good stuff on there worth the occasional retweet.

  2. Already follow you but Ed, I highly recommend you check out Friend Feed. It pulls in Twiiter in addition to various other services and offers the information in real time and its searchable. Comments and replies are accumulated so its almost like a chatroom.

  3. I follow you, although you removed me from your list. I am the person who questioned your use of WTF; I did not, however, think that you would take it as an insult. I have already said that I was sorry. I should have sent you a direct message, but at the time of the post, I didn’t understand that I could do that. Again, if I offended or embarrassed you, I deeply regret it. And I am posting this apology where anyone can see it, if they have a mind to do so. I hope you accept this message with alacrity.

  4. Bill, I’m puzzled. I never removed you from my list of followers. Twitter has a Block feature, but I only use that with spammers. I just checked your Twitter profile and my list of followers and you’re not on my Blocked list, as far as I can tell. So I have no idea what happened.

    I replied to you publicly on your original tweet and was more amused than offended. Sorry for the confusion. I appreciate your support and welcome your comments, both here and on Twitter!

  5. Ed, I just checked Twitter, and you are not following me, which is no big deal. I am not the celebrity–you are. I shall continue to enjoy your comments on your blog and on Twitter.

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