Moving to a new server

This website has been having some performance problems lately, which turn out to have been caused by a server that was limiting the number of allowed connections.

To fix the problem, I have to move everything to a new server. That might result in a few glitches over the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope when all is done it will result in better performance across the board.

3 thoughts on “Moving to a new server

  1. I know a great solution for you ed.
    It is called
    You won’t have to host your own server again for blogs and you have complete control of the blog and it is a cinch to use.
    Try it free today just go to
    for a 14day free try and for 10% off life account if you sign up with the code “twit”.

    I heard this on Leo Laporte’s twit podcast and have used it my self and it is great.

    1. Thanks, I’ve actually got a Squarespace account, but I have a bunch of other requirements as well, so having access to my own server is pretty essential.

  2. I actually went with A2Hosting on your own recommendation, and have been decently happy with the results — but I’m considering a switch to a cloud-based host if the cost justifies it. Right now I’m paying about $5 a month for 100GB of transfers, 250GB storage, and the usual mix of open source tools (MySQL, etc.). I suspect I may already have one of the best possible plans, but any suggestions for something better are welcome.

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