Another Windows Update improvement

Last week I wrote about a subtle change in Windows Update, delivered to me (naturally) via Windows Update.

Today, after installing a clean copy of Windows 7 Build 7057 on a test machine, I was surprised to see that Microsoft has made another change to Windows Update, as evidenced by this pop-up notice from the system tray:


In addition to this on-screen indication, there was also a message waiting in the Action Center. This represents at least a partial solution to a longstanding Windows annoyance, where a user discovers in the morning that the system rebooted over night, with unpredictable consequences for open files. Previously, the only indication that an update was waiting to be installed was a gold shield icon overlaid on the Shut Down menu.

In this case, I was able to go to Windows Update and install the two waiting updates manually, thus eliminating the need for a restart. Nice fix!

2 thoughts on “Another Windows Update improvement

  1. Why not go on step further and give you options right there and then.

    OK – Install Now – Delay (with additional options) – Abort

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