Win an HP MediaSmart Server

Over at Technologizer’s Digital Media Central site, HP is sponsoring a contest with a pretty nice prize: one of the new HP MediaSmart Servers that just started shipping a few weeks ago. The idea is pretty simple: Submit your three favorite bits of media – a song, photo, or video – and collect votes and comments. The tie-in to the MediaSmart Server is a logical one; if you’re a fan of digital media, this is definitely a product I recommend enthusiastically.

As a participant in the project, I’m not eligible to win, but I did submit my three favorite pieces of media, including my favorite cat picture ever:

Ed Bott's three fave media clips

Go cast your vote and see if you can push my entry up the charts a little. And then add your own three, with a link in the comments so I can vote for you.

3 thoughts on “Win an HP MediaSmart Server

  1. Ed,

    Thanks for the link. I entered three of my own photos, as photo storage is my primary concern for my inevitable purchase of an HP MediaSmart server. My entry is at

    I don’t see any contest rules or regulations, nor mention of any deadline. You stated you were a participant. Do you happen to know when a “winner” will be chosen?



  2. Great questions. I noted the absence of contest rules as well. I believe the deadline is March 28, and you can also enter here:

    There’s a link to the contest rules from that entry page. I’ve asked for confirmation that this is the same contest and will update the post when I know for sure.

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