New Mexico Windows backgrounds

I’ve been fiddling about this week with personalizing the Windows 7 desktop. One task was creating some high-def backgrounds from my collection of photography. I came across a few pics I had taken that seemed to work very well at 1920 x 1200 resolution, so I cropped them and then saved them in a folder that Windows shuffles through at 30-minute intervals.

I’ve made five shots available for public access on my Windows Live Photos page, partially as a test to see how well the download process works for the public. Here’s my favorite:

You’ll have to look at the full-size image to appreciate that those objects in the center are radio telescopes in the Very Large Array near Socorro, New Mexico. Here are direct links for the whole series:

(And before you ask, no, there’s no Wallpaper_3.)

If you have any feedback on the images or the process of downloading them, leave it in the comments below.

And one more, a very eerie landscape from Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument.

6 thoughts on “New Mexico Windows backgrounds

  1. Very cool, Ed. Glad you enjoyed our “Land of Enchantment.” Kasha-Katuwe is a great spot off the beaten path. I have a few NM photos you might enjoy on my web site, including a small section on KK.

    Downloading was a snap with the Firefox add-in “FlashGot.” It is by the same folks that have brought us the very useful “NoScript.”

  2. Hi Ed…

    Neat idea! How do you make a folder to be shuffled through automatically? This is for your desktop wallpaper, right? not screensaver or something
    I really had another question for you, but couldn’t figure out how to contact you directly, and the post it’s related to no longer allows comments (sorry for having to place it here.)

    In reference to your post about not clearing out the Prefetch folder, is it okay to delete a particular file? I ask because lately when I reboot, my spybot search & destroy notices that a registry item is being changed, something that goes to add KACSDE.EXE to the system folder. I deny the change each time, and finally did some research. found out it’s something bad, and want to get rid of it permanently. Found here: the possible names of the file that causes this change, one of which is CC.exe. I found a version of this filename in my Prefetch folder, called Now, if I delete this file from my Prefetch folder, will it make this KACSDE.exe thing go away? Will it hurt the Prefetch thing/my windows startup? Where do you think it even originated from ?

    I’d appreciate any help, and apologize for going off topic on this comment!


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