5 thoughts on “The perils of digital media

  1. I keep a backup of all my documents, music, etc. on an encrypted USB external hard drive. That drive stays in my car trunk. Once a week I bring in the drive and use Robocopy to update the backup.

    Microsoft now offers 25 gig free on their SkyDrive, but I only keep some financial things up there.

  2. Ed:
    Well written post. Kudos

    What do you use for accessing Amazon’s S3? I use JungleDisk and have been quite satisfied with the combination.

    1. Richard, I use Allway Sync, which is one of my 10 favorite Windows programs of all time and recently added the ability to sync with S3 from a local or network disk. Very cool and useful!

  3. ED what software do you use to wiped out your hard drive completely clean? are their good free one to use?

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