Windows 7 beta drivers for Microsoft hardware

If you’ve installed Windows 7 beta on a computer that uses Microsoft-branded peripherals, you’ll want to bookmark this page:

Microsoft Hardware Windows® 7 Support

There, you’ll find Windows 7 beta versions of IntelliType Pro and IntelliPoint software (x86 and x64 versions) for Microsoft keyboards and mice. You’ll also find drivers and support software for Lifecam webcams, LifeChat headsets, and Xbox 360 controllers.

I’ve got the software running well here with several Microsoft peripherals, including a Wireless Entertainment 7000 keyboard.

3 thoughts on “Windows 7 beta drivers for Microsoft hardware

  1. Ha! You’ve only got the Wireless Entertainment 7000!!! I’ve got the 8000!!!! I’m better than you!!!!

  2. Pretty cool they got a support page like that. The only issue I had in Windows 7 was with my Creative X-Fi sound card…windows couldn’t find the drivers and the troubleshooting tool didn’t help. I was able to use the Vista drivers from Creative’s website and they worked fine tho….

  3. How is it that I always end up with orphaned Microsoft hardware? Past souvenirs have included a SideWinder joystick and a Microsoft Phone system. Now I have a couple of useless Microsoft Fingerprint Readers (one integrated into a keyboard). “The following products are no longer manufactured by Microsoft but may still be sold through our partners. The following products are not supported and no new software is available. No beta software is available. Fingerprint Reader is not supported on Windows 7.”

    Like those previous orphans, these became obsolete less than two years after purchase.

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