Got Hotmail and Outlook? Then you need this add-in…

Do you use Outlook 2007 (or Outlook 2003)? Do you have an e-mail account at Windows Live ( or Hotmail? If so, you need the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector.

This free add-in allows you to sync your Hotmail and Live accounts with Outlook and also access your calendars and contacts from the corresponding Windows Live services. Installing the connector software adds a new top-level menu option, which you can use to add a Hotmail/Live account to Outlook, as shown here:


You can adjust the way that Outlook retrieves messages as well. Each Hotmail/Live account you add gets its own set of folders in the Outlook navigation pane, and the software takes care of keeping things in sync. The effect is the same as using an IMAP or Exchange account, with messages available on the server and in a local copy unless you delete them.

The connector software also adds a small toolbar at the bottom of the Outlook menu that displays server status for each account.

The most recent update of the Connector software is version 12.1, released on December 15, 2008. I’ve got it running on a multitude of systems here, and it works great. Stable, fast, does what it is supposed to do. Highly recommended for anyone with Microsoft-powered web e-mail accounts.

3 thoughts on “Got Hotmail and Outlook? Then you need this add-in…

  1. Sorry if these is a silly question but why is this necessary? I’ve always been able to setup my Hotmail account in Outlook without any additional software. Is this only for people who signed up for Hotmail accounts within the last couple of years?

  2. I have long forwarded my work e-mail to my MSN account so I can keep track of it on the road and on my phone. I recently installed Outlook Connector on my computer at work. It was a simple and flawless install and now I can keep track of home e-mail ar work and work e-mail at home. I don’t know if that makes me more productive or more pathetic, but Outlook Connector works great.

  3. Hey Guys

    I have used this since i had Office 07 Pro, however, i have a slight problem, i will be happy if someone helps me with this.

    I get like 100 emails a day, so, after reading all of them, and i like my inbox to be clutter free, so some important emails are placed in special folders.

    Now, As part of Microsoft Live servoces that i have, i notice that on my browser toolbar on IE7 that some emails that i have deleted re-appear again even on MSN Messenger Live email notification bar, some of mails like 50 percent of them re appear on the hotmail server and not on my outlook 07, even if i send/receive.

    Before i installed live services, everything worked fine, i guess the emails are not deleted same time on the server, im stuck at this.

    The last time i checked, Microsoft didnt offer any support on outlook connector.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Chow Chow

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