A Yule Log for your LCD

I confess I had completely forgotten about the Yule Log visualization for Windows Media Player, which originally appeared as part of the Windows Media Bonus Pack for XP back in 2002. Like most visualizations, it hadn’t been updated in years and didn’t work with newer Media Player versions.

Until a few days ago, that is, when Sean Alexander, who commissioned the original Yule Log viz way back when, posted an updated Yule Log Visualization for Windows Media Player 11/Vista/XP.

And shhh, don’t tell anyone, but it works under Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 as well:


Get a playlist going, switch to Now Playing mode, right-click the center pane and choose the Yule Log visualization from the menu.

And to really make the effect complete, click the View Full Screen button in the lower right corner of the Media Player window. That takes away the menu bar, play controls, and album information, leaving only the graphic.

(And if the fake flaming log thing is just too corny, try the Psychedelia Viz Pack instead.)

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