Windows 7 Beta download coming?

Update 10-January-2009: If you’re looking for information about the Windows 7 Beta download, here are the release notes and download links.

Neowin’s Tom Warren is reporting that Microsoft’s Windows 7 homepage has been updated with a download link for the beta release. Here’s what it looks like:


Currently, the link goes nowhere.

I’m still highly doubtful that the public (or anyone outside of a few carefully selected beta testers) will see this build before Steve Ballmer’s Windows 7 keynote on January 7 at CES. I suspect that the page will be filled out shortly with details about how to prepare for the beta, perhaps even including a registration page.

We’ll see…

4 thoughts on “Windows 7 Beta download coming?

  1. It seems like it will be more of a sign up page rather than a freely available ISO. Either way, at least this is something!

    I’d love to have the beta installed before the new year!

  2. Hey Ed. Do you know if there will be anything new in the beta? Will there be a new UI or will it still look like vista? I was hoping that what we saw at PDC was not all the new features. Not that what we saw was bad but that I was hoping for a little bit more. Either way it’s still a dang good release in my opinion.

  3. Robert, the beta release will be very, very different from the PDC release, at least in terms of the shell. If you’ve been using the PDC build, you’ll have lots of new stuff to look at.

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