2 thoughts on “The writer’s nightmare

  1. Speaking of English, well, there is always rivalry between the British and the French……Most of the times, the French would get accused of not speaking or writing proper english, however on the other hand, most British or visitors for that matter in France struggle a lot on French, let alone in writing.

    In fact, i was always amazed by another chap who is multi-lingual, he speaks 18 different languages fluently and in writing, now how cool is that, there are a real few who can do that.

    Like in every coin there are 2 sides to consider.

    There is no single human that can claim perfection, even scientist at time get things wrong.

    Anyway, nice article btw……..

  2. my eyesight must be going down the drain. I would swear on a stack of Calvin n Hobbes that it’s George Washington sitting in the chair. 🙂

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