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  1. In the US, Zune has a 4% market share of all players, and a 9% share of hard-drive-based players. If you take out the Apple-heavy college campuses from your sample, this means that Zunes have quite a respectable market share among adults.

  2. MS zealots become increasingly desperate… Do you know what “endorsement” means Ed? Please look it up.
    I love Obama. I understand the whole anti-iPod thing. But hey, if you’re anti-iPod, why would you go and buy a crappy MS product? There are dozens of other alternative players out there that will allow you to “stick it to the man” more efficiently.

    As for this non-story, it just looks like that guy was simply ga-ga and doesn’t even know himself what he was writing about… http://www.citypaper.net/blogs/clog/2008/12/03/zunegate/

  3. Joe, you need to go take your meds. Then you need to read the frickin’ article you linked, whetre the author says, and I quote:

    “I vividly remember Obama pulling out an MP3 player with his left hand while exercising on the machine. It had a dark case protecting it and from what I saw, he was using a Zune.

    “I’ve seen a Zune in action. I know what it looks like.”

    Go get pissed off somewhere else.

  4. Re-read that article again yourself: “I claimed that it was his Zune. I don’t know for sure that it was his.”

    “But no matter how sure I am, there will always be the possibility that he uses some other device”.

    As I said “[the guy] doesn’t even know himself what he was writing about”. The article that I linked demonstrates that. But you’re hung on demonstrating that you’re right or something… sure. I still think you should look up the meaning of “endorsement”, especially since this is the Ultimate one 🙂

    This other (older) article says he has an iPod… go figure. Perhaps he got fed up with the iPod and switched to the Zune?

    Does it matter? I think it doesn’t.
    But the “endorsement” thing was a loooong stretch.

  5. Joe, you need to get a life. And you also need to get some perspective. Your original comment said “why would you go and buy a crappy MS product?” You’ve obviously never tried a Zune. Even diehard iPod fans usually acknowledge that it is a pretty awesome little gadget, and the software is excellent.

    By the way, Microsoft gave Zunes to every attendee at the Democratic National Convention this year, which may be where this one came from.

  6. Ed, I don’t normally write comments like the one I’m going to… Please don’t use the expression, “you need to go take your meds” as part of a rebuke. There are many people who really do need medication to make their brain chemistry work properly. It is not fair to them for medication usage/nonusage to be tied to acting like a jerk. The social stigma toward mental health issues is deeply rooted and will take a long time to change. The people who really need medication to function well require it just as much as someone who takes medication to control their blood sugar or cholesterol. I’m sure you can come up with other ways to reply to your readers. Thanks.

  7. I am a die hard iPod fan. I saw someone with a Zune one day and asked them if I could try it out. I was very impressed. And I felt klike it was a lot easier to use than my iPod Touch. The interface was just as elegant. It also has features that I wish my iPod has. But I just don’t like the hardware enclosure. For me, it’s still ugly.

    I hope Microsoft stays in the mp3 player game because it looks like Apple has stopped innovating on the iPod (for now). This last update was not that great in my opinion and did not provide anything innovative. So Microsoft has a chance to take advantage of that and do something really cool with the Zune.

  8. Mary has a point indeed. And I find “jerk” much clearer than “need meds” anyway.

    OK, I’ll go get a life now and stop being a jerk on Ed’s blog :).
    I guess I was wrong, Obama is indeed “endorsing” the Zune (especially if he got it for free at a Dem convention). Go MS! The Zune is going to sell like hot cakes now that Obama is endorsing it in an ultimate fashion.
    Thank you Ed for making me see the light!

    Now off to worrying about the economy… http://calculatedrisk.blogspot.com/2008/12/credit-crisis-indicators_04.html

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