In search of Windows 7 compatibility reports

If you’re running the pre-beta PDC release of Windows 7 (build 6801), I’m interested in your experience with third-party programs. Have you encountered any compatibility issues when installing or running programs under Windows 7?

Leave details in the comments. If you don’t want to share details publicly, leave a brief comment and fill in your real e-mail address (I’m the only one who’ll see it) and I’ll get back to you.

10 thoughts on “In search of Windows 7 compatibility reports

  1. I think you mean build 6801 (the pre-beta build).

    I’m finding that it has been excellent so far. No application compatibility problems at all. If a program runs on Windows, it works with Windows 7.

    I’ve also found that the performance tweaks in the Windows 7 pre-beta have also been very beneficial on my netbook – an MSI Wind. No need to run Windows XP on the MSI now that the pre-beta is out.

    One more thing. If this is a “pre-beta”, I’d say to Microsoft, bring on the real beta build. I’m definitely ready to see more !

  2. One weird thing with Windows 7 is that the 64-bit install fails, at the very end, while the 32-bit installs just fine on my PC.

    I have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ system with 4GB of RAM.

  3. Skype does not seem to work. It installed fine, but when I start it, it looks ok for some seconds before just “vanishing”. Weird.

  4. Having problems with AVG Free (v8.0.176) not working completely. All components seem to function just fine except for “Resident Shield”. I’ve reinstalled a couple times and tried installations on two different machines with the same result. Could be me, I suppose but I believe Paul Thurrott was having the same problem.

  5. I’m noticing some problems with the system time with the Windows 7 pre-beta, build 6801 on the MSI Wind.

    If the netbook is powered off for a day or more, when the system is powered back on, the hours setting is off by 8 hours. Interestingly the minutes and date are correct. Hmm….

  6. Best List for Windows 7 Compatibility I’ve found is

    Biggest issue on the list for me is Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 not working…although I’ve Googled a link that said that if you keep reinstalling after a while it works.

    As SEP11 MR4 is due out in very early January (6th?), perhaps this will not be an issue when Windows 7 Beta 1 is released.

    Also, on Win 7 build 6801 Office 2007 SP1 seemed fairly unstable before Windows Update…after running Microsoft Update, it seemed to work perfectly on 6801.


    BTW, Cisco VPN Client required disabling of antivirus software, DNEUpdate from Citrix (before reboot, to avoid BSOD) plus manual start of the “Cisco Systems, Inc. VPN Service” to fix “Error 56” after install when running the VPN GUI under Win 7 build 6956; this didn’t happen on 6801.

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