9 thoughts on “Dispatch from the real world

  1. Either Randall is channeling John Dvorak or he is seriously underinformed. I didn’t know a single web page could deliver a message that self-centered. They must have added some sort of ego compression algorithm to HTTP recently. And it must be a lossy algorithm, because the post is definitely lacking detail.

  2. I’m going out on a limb here and guess this is the guy Paul wouldn’t mention in the TWIT you two and Rafael were in a few weeks ago that had a bad attitude? 😉

  3. Quarrels between academics: “The viciousness of their fighting is always in inverse proportion to the importance of the outcome.”

    I always like Thurrott’s articles.

    Further, I don’t care much for RK’s dismissal of Window’s “consumer-focused baggage”. Oh, that one day I might breathe such fine oxygen IT professionals partake of on high!

  4. Not only did he say he got delayed, but he said he’s the one who caused the delay. FTA: “How my scathing rebuke of Windows 7 scared Microsoft into delaying the Windows 7 public Beta until 2009.”


  5. Further proof that the media should never become the subject by drawing attention to themselves… Man, what a spanking!

  6. Wes, you’re right. And one might also notice that RK has been flailing around in the comments section since the start , with not even a hint that this was all driven by his great sense of humor.

    The comments on that post, btw, are utterly contemptible. No moderation whatsoever. filled with juvenile obscenities. Grumman might be better off spending some time cleaning up that cesspool and less on defending his out-of-control columnist.

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