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  1. Lucy is a great name! My first pooch as an adult was named Lucy–Lucinda Mae Fluffbutt was her full name.

    Enjoy the new pup! She looks like a sweetie.

  2. Pretty obvious she’s a love so you have no ‘splainin’ to do. Can’t wait to see how Katie reacts (meow!)

  3. No doubt by looking at her, Lucy is a darling and certainly knows she is finally home. Besides, Mackie deserves a playmate.

    (@Sue, love the name Lucinda Mae Fluffbutt! Ours have always had just one name: Misty, Icy, Bear, Mishku, Jack and current members of the family Mya and Jessie. Poor Jessie had 3 homes in one year before we adopted her from the local Humane Society.)

  4. While waiting for a parade, I noticed some fresh horse droppings on the street. Some neighborhood dogs started sniffing around and decided that this “delicacy” was too great to pass up.

    From then on, I vowed never to let a dog lick my face!

  5. Hey Ed

    I hope you enjoy time with Lucy, in fact, research shows that having a pet near has a calming effects and also the benefits of pressure levels to go down.

    I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, i dont have children and i regards her as one of my own child, in fact i spoil her too much.

    On the other hand, it is interesting how technology will develop with dogs or even pets in general.

    Imagine maybe in a futire windows release or lets say an application that can monitor your dog’s activities and monitor things like heart rate and other interesting things.

    If you are not at home, you can monitor your dog via a tracking system software which will be based on Windows, even that might even help find a lost pet, as i think even micro chipped dogs get lost and they are not easily recovered.

    I know a few guys who are working on this pet technology and with Windows 7 coming up, we may yet see more interesting technology in the not too distance future.

    As for Lucy, i would reccommend a micro chip as well as a tag which you can place it on Lucy’s neck chain, this metal tag might include valuable information like your name and contact number.

    In fact Ed, i hope to see more developments on Lucy posted here in future.

  6. Thank you for getting your new baby from a rescue group. It’s amazing how many people either don’t know about rescues or believe that they are run by demented people trying to find homes for horrible dogs. We are a foster family for Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue (MTGRR). http://www.rescueagolden.org We’ve taken around 30 dogs into our home over the past 6 years. Some stayed a day, the longest (a puppy mill breeding female) spent 10 months with us. My three teenagers have learned so much as they’ve unselfishly poured love onto dogs, watched them blossom, and then said Goodbye so another family could benefit from all of their hard work.

    P.S. Many rescues are 501c non-profit tax deductible organizations if anyone is looking to give a charitable donation to help with the never-ending vet bills. 🙂

  7. Congrats on the new puppy!

    Both of our dogs were rescues. Sasha is our six year old rat terrier, the drama queen of the household. Mikey the Mutant is now 8 years old. He’s a mix of dalmatian and something very large. He weighs in near 100 pounds, but he’s the favorite among my son’s friends.

  8. It’s takes a post like this to affirm that you have many female readers who rarely comment.

    I’m more of a cat person, or no-pet person, but congrats anyway.

  9. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Going through purebred rescue was an excellent choice. Wishing you many happy years together!

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