Windows 7 bumps up the Experience Index

After nearly a week of using the pre-beta PDC release of Windows 7, I’m starting to notice the little things. Like this:

Windows 7 Experience Index

See that number in the lower right corner? In Windows Vista, the maximum value for any subscore is 5.9. Clearly the scale is now higher, as that 6.3 (solid-state drives are fast) indicates.

So how high is the upper limit? If you’re running the pre-beta Windows 7 build, share your Windows Experience Index scores in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Windows 7 bumps up the Experience Index

  1. Heh, heh, nice Spinal Tap reference, G.

    Ed, I was taken aback by the processor speed, thinking it was a T7100 chip at first. I’m not familiar with the L7100. Can you tell us anything about that?

    I guess I’m not up to speed with the latest processors, PI.

  2. Dan, it’s an Ultra Low Voltage member of the Core 2 Duo family. I first saw it in action in the Sony VAIO TZ2000, Gets great battery life and is an all-around excellent performer.

  3. hardware: ASUS P5K, Core 2 Duo E8500, GF 8800 GTS 320, Samsung 1Tb HDD.
    FSB 333, memory clock 417 (mem:fsb =5:4)

  4. i have an i7 like notme, and mines comin up under 7.9 .. idk how they figure an i7 isnt the best processor out..

  5. Yup my score is 7.9 in all subscores so im pretty sure thats max
    I7 extreme 965
    12g OCZ DDR3 15000
    2x BFG GFX295 in quad sli
    2x raid 0 raptors

    one thing i did notice is I mounted this machine on a bought gateay pc (just came with regular i7 and 1 295 card) and i added the ram and upgraded the HD’s and the score was 7.9 graphics and aero but rest were 5.2 and 5.4 while under vista the whole thing was 5.9 after putting the pc on a thermake case and a asus mobo I noticed that my pc didnt have the power suply that it claimed to have (claimed to have a 1200 had a 550) so once i fixed that( they claimed was a human mistake) the scores bumped to 7.9 before adding the second GFX. So im guessing acording to this windows experaince score that we might be seeing another windows after windows 7 before we even get to use the full power of these I7 procesors. Guess hardware is upgrading at 2 or 3 times software is.

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